Currently our Conservatory offers Suzuki Violin lessons. This style of teaching is best for students starting at the age of three or four but it is never too late to begin! This style of teaching also great for parents who want to be involved in their child's musical education. A parent attends lessons with their child and becomes a "home teacher." This results in the parent learning the instrument in order to understand what is expected and help encourage the child. As a result, this method helps instill a repetitious way of learning that allows the child to continue to use what they learn in more sophisticated ways.

Fall & Spring

Suzuki (in full or 5 payments)


  • 30 - $540 or $108/mo
  • 45 - $705 oe $141/mo
  • 60 - $870 or $174/mo


Suzuki (in full or 2 payments)


  • 30 - $288 or $144/mo
  • 45 - $376 or $188/mo
  • 60 - $464 or $232/mo