ASO and AcA are pleased to premier their new chamber music series, with a presentation of the most famous chamber pieces, written by the biggest stars of the 19th Century European salons – Frédéric Chopin and Franz Schubert.


  • THE TURNING POINT: early 19th century piano virtuosos such as Franz Liszt and Frederick Chopin, featured on this program, were among the first famous musical pop stars in the history of music. This happened due to the rise of economic and cultural awareness of the European upper and middle classes. Popularity of newly improved, and relatively affordable pianos, as well as frequent concerts in homes and salons of the bourgeoisie, contributed to this new phenomenon.
  • Franz Schubert is the most famous writer of the art song, so titled Lieder in musical history. Leonard Bernstein compared his talent of writing the most beautiful and memorable melodies to… the leaders of The Beatles – John Lennon and Paul McCartney. One of Schubert’s most famous songs, titled Trout, will be presented along with his Piano Quintet, where one of the movements is based on the same melody.
  • Frederick Chopin’s Mazurkas are based on Polish folk dances and are the result of the composer’s fascination with the rich heritage of his native country’s musical culture.
  • Guest pianist, Francesco Mazzonetto is one of the youngest artists ever to be signed by the SONY Classical Label. His first CD was issued in 2017, when the pianist was only 20 years old.