Digital Program Sponsored by Lafayette Travel

Digital Program Sponsored by Lafayette Travel

A turning point in opera. A presentation of Giacomo Puccini’s famous comic opera, Gianni Schicchi. Puccini was among many composers of the 19th century who developed new ways to entertain and connect with wider audiences, by creating works that utilized operatic romanticism, on-stage antics, and a newly developed lyrical style of the time, known as bell canto. The work of Puccini and others from this period influenced generations of musicians and composers who followed.


University of Louisiana Opera Department


Buoso Donati, a wealthy gentleman | Duncan Thistlethwaite
Gianni Schicchi | Alexander Laiche
Lauretta, his daughter | Victoria Thomas
Zita, cousin of Buoso | Maria Cruz
Rinuccio, nephew of Zita Donald | Anthony Voiers
Simone, cousin of Buoso | Timothy Sam
Marco, son of Simone | Miguel Ochoa
La Ciesa, wife of Marco | Gabrielle Housley
Gherardo, nephew of Buoso | Nicholas Pevey
Nella, wife of Gherardo | Luna Touchet (Friday) & Eve Roethele (Sunday)
Gherardino, their son | MacKenzie LeBlanc
Betto, Brother-in-law of Buoso | John Rohner
Doctor Spinelloccio | Joshua Ford
Amantio di Nicoloa, Notary | Joshua Ford
Pinellino, Buoso’s barber | Jacen Agregaard
Clara, the baker | Hailey Rae Poche


Director | Shawn Roy
Conductor | Mariusz Smolij
Rehearsal Pianist | Tianbo Guo
Stage Manager | Casey Robichaux
Assistant Stage Manager | Faith Scholl
Production Designer | Shawn Roy
Technical Director | Ken Harrelson
Lighting Designer | Ken Harrelson
Wig Designer | Trent Pcenicni
Costume Shop Manager | Samantha Abbott
Wig and Wardrobe Manager | Jax Cornett
Wardrobe Crew | Preslea Laird & Alexander Davidson
Backstage Crew
Emily Broussard, Alexandra Dennison, Jalani Fountain, & Emma Puissegur


One act comic opera - performed by Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and the University of Louisiana Opera Department (Shawn Roy, Stage Director)