This Fall, ASO is set to welcome back an organizational tradition of presenting the Symphony in school, an educational outreach initiative for children in grades K-12, enrolled in the Lafayette Parish School System.

This program has been developed specifically to provide our community’s students with a positive introduction to both the relevance and wonders of classical music, and the influence it has on almost every other genre of music. It will also serve as a means to invite our community’s youth into a new artistic and cultural experience. The students will have the opportunity to experience the energy of live orchestral performance and particiapte in group music lessons, while learning about concert traditions and participating in the stories being told.

ASO’s Educational Outreach Initiative has four program components, which will be implimented over 4 years

  • Year-1: After School Strings
    Students will learn how to play a stringed instrument in group music lessons twice per week, after school, througout the school year. Students will be given an instrument and case to use as their own.
  • Year-2: In-School Symphony Performances
    A smaller orchestra of 16-22 musicians come to the school to perform for the students
  • Year-3: Off-site Symphony Concerts
    Students take a field trip to attend a full Symphony concert in a large-scale theater with their classmates.
  • Year-4: Ticket Angels
    Students and their families are given FREE tickets to ASO's regular season and chamber series concerts.


Higher test scores | Boosted self-esteem | More self-awareness | Enhanced creativity