A unique crossover of classical and popular music, from the likes of Bach, Chopin, U2, and Jimmy Hendrix – deftly performed by one of Ireland’s most recognized violinists, Gregory Harrington.


  • THE TURNING POINT: the merging of musical styles and forms – a new concept of “world music”. The program serves as a perfect example of a contemporary mixture of a wide gamut of music, where a single instrument can present a wide range of works and styles – from Baroque masters to Romantic piano virtuosos, and Irish Jigs to film and rock and roll hits.
  • Bach’s Air on the G String (meaning an instrumental aria) from his Orchestral Suite No. 2 is one of the most frequently transcribed melodies of all time. Countless versions for almost all known instruments were arranged, along with vocal, choral and jazzy transcriptions. This beautiful tune is among favorites, both for weddings and funerals – and entire CDs were devoted to different versions of this single melody.
  • Italian composer Enrico Morricone, is one of the most famous European authors of music for film. His popularity on the old continent can be compared to that of John Williams in America. Considered one of the greatest films of all times, Cinema Paradiso is among his biggest hits and the movie is, in a nutshell, about people … watching movies.