An amazingly rich and colorful musical and cultural encounter, from south of our border. Mexican piano virtuoso, Fernando Saint Martin will curate exciting dance rhythms and musical impressions from famous Hispanic composers including, Miguel Bernal Jimenez, Samuel Zyman, and Arturo Márquez, to bring a refreshing new dimension to chamber music.


  • THE TURNING POINT: music by Latin, non-Spanish composers, joins the mainstream of classical music repertoire. Only in recent years have Latin composers outside of Spain started to gain recognition and appreciation for their original creations, often rooted in their native folk culture. Most of the composers featured on this program will have their works presented for the first time ever in South Louisiana, at this chamber performance.
  • Arturo Márquez (born in 1950) is the most famous Mexican composer. His Danza No. 2, based on a Cuban folk dance, is the most frequently performed orchestral work by Latin orchestras all over the world. It’s received many transcriptions, including the chamber version presented on this program. Mexican composer Miguel Bernal Jiménez (1910–1956) was also an important pedagogue, organist and musicologist. He is the most important representative of Mexican religious music, and the father of the Mexican sacred nationalism musical movement.
  • Ricardo Castro (1864-1907) is often referred to as “Mexican Franz Liszt”. He represents the Romantic style of a piano virtuoso, where different musical styles frequently mix and serve to the display virtuosity. Like Liszt, in addition to creating primarily solo piano repertoire, he also composed orchestral and vocal-instrumental works.