How Music Bonds Us Together

Music is more than just something to listen to. Music fills our hearts and minds and is something we use to commemorate moments in our lives. Performing, gathering, and celebrating through music has deep roots in our culture. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra as an organization is more than aware of the impact music has on everyone. Our staff and musicians strive to make every concert one that will bond the audience together. Through fundraisers such as Symphony in the Sky and Deck the Halls, we see more and more people being drawn in by what is played and are changed by the experience. Whether that change is through the new people they’ve met or through finding a cause they are passionate about, our patrons leave more joyful than when they arrived. 

Additionally, ASO offers fully customizable musical performances where you can book our very own Symphony Musicians for events such as cocktail hours, corporate events, weddings and more. We provide as many jobs to musicians as we can because we truly believe that what they do is magical and important to everyday life. As a consumer, going to performances and having music in our lives is crucial. Below are a few facts taken from an article written by Jill Suttie, Psy.D., Contributor to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, supporting why we think so.

  • Music is often played on important occasions such as graduations, funerals, and weddings and brings people closer together and more connected. Several studies show that music directly impacts parts of the brain that make us feel close and connected.
  • One study proved that performing music, as opposed to listening to it alone, produces greater positive feelings and people feel closer to one another. 
  • Another study shows how singing in larger groups can increase an individual’s social closeness and their pain threshold levels. 
  • Music is linked to the release of dopamine, which makes us feel good and connected to others
  • Studies have been done on music reactivity, which is how one is affected by music, and results showed positive effects on motivation and successful group living. Musical rhythm links our brain to coordinated body movements, and that translates to the rest of the group.
  • In one study, individuals who listened to music and coordinated their movements to the music had improved cooperation skills and are more generous toward others.
  • Music is a way for people to bond and build social relationships. It should be included in our lives if we want a more harmonious society. 

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