Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You, According to Science

Your parents probably made you do a lot of things as a child that you didn’t like or appreciate at the time. They most likely required you to participate in a sport, a club, or music lessons growing up. If you never thanked your parents, then you should thank them now. It turns out that those music lessons were the most valuable gift your parents could have given you as a child. At the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, we encourage people of all ages, especially youth, to participate in music-related activities through our School of Music and the Acadiana Symphony Prep & Youth Orchestra (ASPO & ASYO). Our music education programs focus on teaching youth the fundamentals of music while growing their love for the arts. ASO knows how valuable music is to developing the minds of children, and we hope that it develops into a lifelong passion.
Science continues to prove that music makes us think deeper and more critically, and we at ASO&C want to give your children the opportunity to develop their minds. The skills that students learn through these programs benefit them more than the skills learned through other extracurriculars such as sports or dance. The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to making sure each student lives up to their full potential through the teaching of music.

  • Music lessons have been proven to increase language processing abilities far beyond other non-musical stimulation like visual arts.
  • Music is very mathematical, so children who have musical training naturally have higher math scores. Music education gives children skills that can be used in almost any career field they decide to pursue.
  • One study found that elementary students who received high-quality music education score about 20% higher in English and math than students with low-quality music education.
  • Research has found that music training increases academic IQ and linguistic abilities.
  • Youth who stick with music lessons for at least ten years can delay their cognitive decline later in life, which preserves mental sharpness as you age.
  • Improved working and long-term memory, reasoning abilities, and motor cortex are also benefits of music lessons.
  • Music makes children more creative individuals with higher self-esteem and self-confidence. When a child feels good about themselves, they feel like they can do anything.

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